The universe always responds through the path of least resistance. Develop strong beliefs that support your desires so that those beliefs become the least resistant path.
The more you believe something, the more it shows up in your reality. The stronger and steadier your belief, the more quickly and easily evidence of your belief appears.
Say you’re buying a new mattress. You believe that it’s super comfortable & will provide the best sleep you’ve had in years! You look forward to its delivery and just know your sleep will improve. Your spouse, on the other hand, never gets a good night’s sleep. They complain about every mattress they’ve ever slept on, how their sleep is always restless, and grumble that the mattress probably won’t change this. The mattress arrives, you go to bed, and the next morning you wake comfortable, refreshed, and in love with the mattress. Your spouse is still complaining about never getting good sleep. Both beliefs created the right reality.
Beliefs are just thoughts we think repeatedly, so if we change our thoughts, our beliefs also change. It’s easy enough with dedicated repetition (and even easier by just deciding and accepting a new belief). Once your belief is established, the evidence of your belief appears.
How long this takes is dependent on your belief. For some, established facts and truths can cause blocks in the current. In this case, choose current facts and truths that support your desire and build on those.
How are your beliefs creating your reality?

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