Inspiring, right? But what happens after we scroll past this post seeking more mental fodder from our social media feeds? More specifically, where does the inspiration to plant this tree go, and why is it so short-lived?
Inspiration is felt when our soul is ignited; it is our soul signaling its desire for action toward growth and change, and it is short-lived because we typically lack clarity as to what action needs to be taken. We question, we doubt, we second guess, and when we don’t act, the inspiration quietly fades.
Lack of Clarity, Time, Energy (or Motivation), and Consistency are the most common obstacles faced by people who feel inspired by – but also discouraged in – the desire for change. Luckily, the reasons for lacking these components are generally the same, which means there are ways to achieve all of them.
Join me over the next several days to discuss tackling clarity, time, energy, and consistency so that your next inspiration results in action and real growth, and not just another tree going unplanted.

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