It is true that forgiveness is freeing. It allows for the universe and all joy to flow through you. It is also true that forgiveness frees the soul. You are no longer blocked by the heaviness of grudges, pain, distrust, and dislike that are such human emotions. You use negative emotions as fuel at times, but it is crude oil, unrefined and unexplored. This is why you go deeper. Refinement is the process of removing unwanted layers, of toxicity, undesire. It requires attention (mindfulness) and effort, but the resulting product is easy to use and your world runs more smoothly. Forgiveness is detoxifying. You spend so much time, effort and attention on foods, supplements, and practices to detoxify your physical bodies, and it is true that in so doing, it opens a refinement process on the emotional level, however, this level is often overlooked and fully refined. You are called to do the work on both levels, as this serves you well.

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