Surrender requires complete trust and faith in the powers that be. You have been raised in faith which is beneficial to your trusting process, however, clichés of “let go and let God” have always been just that. You need to fully experience this letting go and utter surrender.

You are worried about the lack of control and envision that chaos ensues. Bless you child. You must let go and believe. You have raised your children to care for themselves and you must release perfection as you see it. This does not equate to chaos. Instead, this allows space for reality and freedom to evolve. Yours and theirs.

You must release the need to control and must fully embrace change. Continue to ask for clarity from Gabriel, Raphael, Michael and others. Do this frequently and often. The more you ask, the more you will let go and surrender to these higher powers whose sole purpose is to help you reach your highest good and potential.

Trust and release. Let go and let God. Bless your soul and revere in its power and ability

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