Persevere. There appears to be a paradox for you in having to persevere and let go, but this is the balance, the yin/yang of nature and the universe. The balance of self, aligning with nature and all that God has created.

You always tend to go inward, as though you must find something wrong with you, whenever you feel neglected by another person. You look to call out for attention, the attention of another, when it is actually a call to attention from within. What this means is that there is a calling for you to look inside and see why you feel neglected, because it is not that you aren’t getting what you need from someone else. Simply, all you need is within you and it is a call back to self and an opportunity to acknowledge this. 

You are learning to love yourself which is a beautiful process. It need not be as painful as you may think it needs to be. You are supported and loved through the process. Trust yourself and your messages and learn to stand on your own two feet. The universe supports you.

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