Coaching & Mentorship Packages


Your time is valuable and your circumstances are unique, which is why there are numerous ways we can work together.

*Payment plans available for all packages.


Clear Channels


 Spring Cleaning for the Soul!

When the mind and body are healthy and running optimally, so then does the soul. But over time, we acquire baggage and clutter at the mental, emotional, and physical levels, which can dampen our spirit and make it difficult to feel connected to the soul.

Through this one-on-one coaching we will clear your physical, mental, and emotional aspects of self from the soul’s perspective. It’s everything I touch on in my free Mind Body Soul Method, but we go deep as I coach you through it daily, privately, over the course of 4 weeks.

* Includes four 60-minute coaching sessions, plus 4 weeks of accountability communication via FB Messenger or text.

* We clear your channels physically by decluttering your body and physical environments.

* Yes, we will literally declutter rooms of your house from a soulful perspective and release what no longer serves the current or next version of you.

* You will learn how to perceive the body from the soul and experience it with intention.

*Learn how to methodically prioritize what’s important and release what’s just noise.

* We will identify what’s serving you and what’s holding you back.

*You’ll learn how to incorporate and experience intentional emotions.

Transformation Coaching


Six weeks.
Self-reflection + Intuitive Insights
One-on-one healing, coaching, co-creation, and transformation.

This package includes six (6) 60-minute sessions (phone or video conference) and a practical plan to create the change you’re seeking.

During our time together you will receive clear, practical, and hands-on steps that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine which, when consistently applied (and they will be, with the help of my accountability), will shift your mindset and transform your reality.

This also includes daily personal access to me for questions, discussions, and accountability via FB Messenger, Voxer, and/or email. Perfect for everything that arises in-between sessions.

* Pre-work Discovery Session

* Primary Goals and Primary Blocks

* Understanding the Soul’s Essence & Virtues and Their Role in Reality

* Creating the I Am

* Embracing the I Am

* Living the I Am

* Maintaining the I Am and Being a Soul Influence in the World



The Soul Immersion Mentorship


For the woman who is all in.

Six months.

Exploration, immersion, and embodiment of your soul and every one of its desires.

The primary goal of the Soul Immersion Mentorship is to fully integrate the soul into all levels of your human existence – the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and energetic levels. To that end, there is a structured approach to the program with a focus on each level, while allowing for flexibility and flow.

During the engagement, you will also receive hands-on training in Megan’s teachings and techniques taught in her Soul-Led Series. Upon completion of your Soul Immersion Mentorship, you will have the right to share her knowledge and techniques in your own private practices.

* 26 Zoom Sessions.

* Unlimited personal support including private daily access via phone, messenger, or text.

* Structured approach.

* Immediate access to all courses offered during the engagement.

* Soul-Led Facilitator permissions.

Kindred Support


Spiritual Life Coaching can seem intense and perhaps you’re not sure what you’re getting into.  This support offers you a taste of longer-term coaching engagements and includes one 60-minute private Zoom session and a week of full private access coaching via FB Messenger or text.

You will learn the essence and virtues of the soul and we will apply them to one area of your life where you desire a shift.