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An 8-week Mastermind offered exclusively to those who have completed a prior Soul-Led Journey.

For the soul that wants to go deeper.

Designed to achieve absolute clarity, reinforcement, and to integrate permanent change.

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+ 8 Weeks / 8 Units

+ Daily live examples. Walk with me live to see what it looks like every single day.

+ Breakout sessions to riff on your own issues/situations and get real-time support.

+ Weekly Recorded Micro-Classes.

+ Weekly Live Zoom Workshops: Not just a class. We will practice live examples and workshop it out so you feel confident in real-time.

+ Unlimited access to all Soul-Led Immersion Masterminds.

+ Investment: $1800 (Paid in full) or $250 per week (auto-deducted payment plan)


Here’s a sample of what’s in store for us:

Week 1: Guilt

Understanding our Patterns

Releasing Methods That Work

Live Zoom Workshop

Week 2: Prioritizing What’s Important

(What Do you Really Need To/Have To Do)

Making Peace with the Have-To’s and Need To’s

Approaching Obligations from the Soul

Live Zoom Workshop

Week 3: Other People’s Influence on Our Happiness

Wanting & Waiting for Others to Change

Facing Interpersonal Frustrations from the Soul

The Mirror Effect

Live Zoom Class

Week 4: Awkwardness

Facing the Fear of Authenticity

Perceiving Through Your Power Showers

Live Zoom: Starter Scripts Workshop


Week 5: Trusting What Feels Good

Testing Yourself v. Trusting Yourself

True Surrender and How To Get There

Live Zoom: Surrender Workshop

Week 6: The Change Technique

Establishing & Keeping the Habit

How to Effect Permanent Change

Zoom Workshop: Riffing Out The Change


Week 7: Intending & Capturing Magic

Creating Reality Through Thoughts & Feelings

How To Recognize and Capture More Magic

Lock-in Method

Live Zoom Class & Workshop

Week 8: Next Level You

From Soul-Led to Soul-Driven

Where your soul is leading you next

Live Zoom: Mini Intuitive Readings for Future You

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