Megan Kindred is an Oracle Card Creator, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive, and Reiki practitioner whose passion is helping others feel connected to their higher spiritual selves and the oneness of eternal source energy that connects us all. As a Soul Integration Mentor, she guides us on integrating our souls and living from them in all aspects of our existence, with intention and passion.

Known internationally for her ability to interpret soul messages, Megan’s Soul Connection Cards provide acknowledgment, hope, encouragement, support, and guidance from the higher consciousness — in ways that are understood by the masses.

In addition to her creative works,  Megan offers private readings, energy work, courses, and coaching to people of all ages. Her practices assist you in the reawakening of your energetic being, exploring your inherent gifts, and evolving into that version of yourself that is aligned with your soul’s purpose and highest good.

Known for her compassionate spirit and compelling accuracy, Megan’s works will assist you whether you are seeking guidance, reassurance, connection, or wish to establish a sense of spiritual balance and purpose.

Explore our services and contact us with any questions.

Soul Connection Cards

An alternative to oracle or traditional tarot cards, my Soul Connection Cards combine energetic laws, universal truths and spiritual practices for a life aligned with your soul. Are you:

Seeking a quick, easy connection to your spirituality and higher self?

Looking to regain a sense of connection to your calling?

Wanting a daily spiritual practice that’s quick and easy (but also deeply meaningful)?

In need of guidance on interpersonal relationships?

Desiring to unearth what’s blocking you from becoming your most authentic self?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll love my Soul Connection Cards:
Sounds of the Awakening Soul.

Intuitive Readings / Card Readings
$220 / $100

This path is what most people would call a “psychic” reading, but I have to tell you something. The term psychic – with all of its Hollywood images and societal connotations? It just doesn’t suit me. It’s soooo much deeper than that. Do you:

Really need to know if continuing down your current path of work, life, or love is ultimately aligned with your highest self and the most desirable outcome?

Need a practical perspective (with an intuitive power-up) on specific situations?

Just want really clear answers, insight, and general spiritual guidance as to where you’re headed?

If this sounds like you, then we are going to have so much fun
connecting through an Intuitive Reading!

Coaching / Mentorship / Support

$1800 / $7500 / $333

Coaching, mentorship and spiritual support each combine your own self-reflection with my intuitive readings and we go deep into a specific challenge that you’re facing. We identify the root of the challenge and I provide you with the tools and methods to heal the past. We then discuss what the current future looks like and draft a plan for creating what you actually want it to be. You will receive clear, practical, and hands on steps that can be easily and consistently applied, plus personal accountability that will ensure results. One of these options is for you if:

You have a specific area in your life (career, relationship, abundance, etc.) that needs transformation;

You are ready to dig deep and face the root cause and the patterns that are keeping you stuck in your current mindset;

You have had enough of wishing for a better situation and are prepared to commit to making changes and seeing the results you deserve

Journeys / Experiences

Available at all price points.

Choose from the famous 30-Day Soul-Led Journey, the six-week Soul Immersion Mastermind, or Clear Channels.

The time and investment is all about what happens when you give up the “I can’t”, “I don’t have time”, and “There’s so much I have to do” and instead surrender to what’s on the other side of “I want to”, “I’d love to”, and “If only”.

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