Clarity, insight and connection

Whether you need insight and a practical perspective on your current situation or you desire to connect with your loved ones in spirit, let’s schedule some time together.  One-on-one, virtual, in person, and group sessions are available.

Intuitive Readings


During our time together, I use my intuitive medium skills to identify what’s holding you back and provide insight into a clearer future. You will receive clarity and foresight as to where you’re headed in specific situations, and I’ll guide you on where to go.
Think of the guidance you receive during an intuitive reading as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, with me shining light on each of your paths. If you go Path A, this will happen. If you choose Path B, this is going to happen. Sometimes, you don’t even know that a Path C exists!
That intuitive perspective is what makes me different than asking your best friend for their opinion.
I can see with impeccable accuracy where you are now and where you’re going. And in all cases, I’ll tell you which path is aligned with your highest and best self.
You may have had this experience: You leave a great session with a great intuitive reader, you’re feeling good, but then you wonder…what can I do with that? How can I actually apply that to my life?”
You will never have to wonder that with me.

Mediumship Readings


Although I began seeing spirit at a young age, these visions and interactions were inconsistent. Around the age of seven, I told my mom that I would sometimes see elderly people in my room when I was sleeping, but that they would disappear when I would sit up. I was told that the best thing to do was to pray for those people because they needed our help. I took my mother’s word as gospel, so did just as she said, and the visions became infrequent. 
Instead, my life became sprinkled with more profound moments of spirituality and a deep sense of connection to the Divine. I remember my father driving the family to Mass one Sunday and seeing a flash of a vision of the number “333” on the hymn board near the altar. When we walked into church, Hymn 333 was posted on the hymnal. I sat in the pew, stunned and excited, and heard a small voice whisper “On Eagle’s Wings”. As a thumbed through the hymn book, I held my breath as I got closer to Hymn 333. When I saw the title “On Eagles Wings” next to 333 in my book, I sat silent in a combination of awe, fear and confusion. That was the day that “333” became my guiding number, and my interest in spiritual concepts and mysticism began.

As I grew older and began to experience the passing of relatives, I also began to have very distinct visits and interactions with those who had passed, either in dreams or during times when I was in greatest emotional need. Guided by these increasingly intense calls, I was led to internationally renowned Spirit Medium, Necole Stephens, with whom I unlocked my inherent gifts of intuition and mediumship, and with whom I continued my mentorship for several years. I am also certified under renowned spirit medium James van Praagh for Spiritual Life Coaching. These life experiences and years of honing my skills and gifts allow me to deliver validating, evidential messages from your loved ones in spirit with a tone of gentleness, joy, humor, love and uncanny accuracy.

Group Readings

 $111 per person

These group sessions are typically gallery-style mediumship events, however, intuitive readings for individual guests are also an option.

Prior to the session, it is helpful to focus on who you would like to connect with and/or what questions you want answered. Bringing a personal item is optional. 

All guests are welcome to take notes during the session, but please no video recording devices; virtual group Zoom sessions will not be recorded.

The energy and attitude of the group is important. If you know someone is extremely skeptical or cynical, you may not want him or her to bring the energy in the group down. We embrace healthy skeptics and find great joy in watching “spirit virgins” transform, however, some people are either not ready for the experience or will never be open enough for Megan to connect. The information coming through flows much better when your guests are at least open to the possibility!  


These events are fun, light, and emotional; all guests must be 18 years of age or older.


Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  You brought me so much peace. Michelle has already shown me signs thru music this morning.  Also, as soon as I got out of bed this morning I saw one of the pictures you referenced at the beginning of the session – it took my breath away! I spoke with Michelle‘s friend Debbie as soon as our session was over and the brown sandal was a situation that occurred yesterday morning.  So amazing!!  I would love to schedule another session with you.  (Either in person or phone). Thank you so very much- you confirmed what I believed.

Maureen H.

What Clients are Saying

Things have been so much better since my reading. We have completely moved and our house has 3  offers so far (really good offers!). I am coping so much better with all of my hurdles; selling the baby pram, leaving my house and yard, and accepting my new life in the condo. You and your guides have made me understand that it is up to me to take care of me! Thank you so much!

Jayne H.

I recently had a reading with Megan. It was a very positive experience, from the moment we connected on the phone, I felt completely comfortable. She took her time, gave me amazing perspective and she was genuine and knowledgeable.  She fascinated me when she described the physical appearances and personalities of the people in my life, and the experiences that I’ve been finding myself in.  I can’t wait to get another reading soon. It was an exciting and pleasant experience! Thanks Megan!

Joann C.

Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts so freely and wholeheartedly. You are truly a blessing and a gifted intuitive medium and I am BEYOND blessed to have been a part of awesomeness abound. I consider myself a privileged person in the triangle of Spirit, the Universe, and a beyond-gifted Megan Kindred. Please accept my gratitude for being so available for me.

Maryann R.

Thank you so much! Saturday’s ready was amazing and was definitely something I needed right now. I am so appreciative of the validations you provided, as well as the guidance and recommendations.  Thank you again,

Juliann W.


Thank you so very much for sharing your time and talent as well as your caring soul.  I often disregard the statement that things happen when they are supposed to, but our time together reinforced the truth in that statement.  Had we had the reading back a month ago, it would have been completely different, but I got what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Not only was Nancy wearing a bright yellow shirt when I saw her on Friday (just as you said that she would), but I was given another yellow shirt to place on her while I dressed her and did her personal care.  The significance of what we discussed was not lost on me.  She was lucid during our time together and I was able to connect with her in a different way, much more soul to soul.  Knowing that her time was drawing near and that she had an arena full waiting to greet her, was a comfort. Though my heart is breaking, I know that she is now reunited with my Dad. Thank you so much for helping me through this awful time, and I will be forever grateful for your sharing your skills with me.

Barb P.