Do you need clarity, insight, or a practical perspective on your current situation? Could you use some quick, clear guidance as to what steps you should take next? Do you need to know if continuing down the current path of work, life, or love is aligned with your highest self and the most desirable outcome?

If so, an intuitive reading is for you.

During our hour together, I’ll identify what’s holding you back and provide insight into a clearer future. Think of the guidance you receive during an intuitive reading as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, with me shining light on each of your paths. If you go Path A, this will happen. If you choose Path B, this is going to happen. Sometimes, you don’t even know that a Path C exists!

That intuitive perspective is what makes me different than asking your best friend for their opinion. I can see with impeccable accuracy where you are now and where you’re going. And in all cases, I’ll tell you which path is aligned with your highest and best self.



Do you want to feel validated in your current circumstances, and encouraged forward with love, compassion, confidence, and soul growth?

Do you need guidance on interpersonal relationships or regaining a sense of connection to your calling?

Readings with my Soul Connection Cards first elicit an uncanny and accurate acknowledgment of your present circumstances and emotions. Then, they provide gentle guidance, direction, and encouragement as to how to maneuver the situations and work through the emotions tied to them, all on a soul filled way, aligned with your purpose and expansion of your higher self.

Card Readings are 30 minutes in length and are held via Zoom or video messenger.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts so freely and wholeheartedly. You are truly a blessing and a gifted intuitive medium and I am BEYOND blessed to have been a part of awesomeness abound. I consider myself a privileged person in the triangle of Spirit, the Universe, and a beyond gifted Megan Kindred. Please accept my gratitude for being so available for me.”
~Mary Ann R.

“Things have been so much better since my reading. We have completely moved and our house has 3 offers so far (really good offers!). I am coping so much better with all of my hurdles; selling the baby pram, leaving my house and yard, and accepting my new life in the condo. You and your guides have made me understand that it is up to me to take care of me! Thank you so much!
~Jayne H.

I recently had a reading with Megan. It was a very positive experience, from the moment we connected on the phone, I felt completely comfortable. She took her time, gave me amazing perspective and she was genuine and knowledgeable.  She fascinated me when she described the physical appearances and personalities of the people in my life, and the experiences that I’ve been finding myself in.  I can’t wait to get another reading soon. It was an exciting and pleasant experience! Thanks Megan!
~JoAnn C.

Thank you so much! Saturday’s ready was amazing and was definitely something I needed right now. I am so appreciative of the validations you provided, as well as the guidance and recommendations.  Thank you again,
~Juliann W.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  You brought me so much peace. Michelle has already shown me signs thru music this morning.  Also, as soon as I got out of bed this morning I saw one of the pictures you referenced at the beginning of the session – it took my breath away! I spoke with Michelle‘s friend Debbie as soon as our session was over and the brown sandal was a situation that occurred yesterday morning.  So amazing!!  I would love to schedule another session with you.  (Either in person or phone). Thank you so very much- you confirmed what I believed.
~Maureen H.

Thank you so very much for sharing your time and talent as well as your caring soul. I often disregard the statement that things happen when they are supposed to, but our time together reinforced the truth in that statement. Had we had the reading back a month ago, it would have been completely different, but I got what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Not only was Nancy wearing a bright yellow shirt when I saw her on Friday (just as you said that she would), but I was given another yellow shirt to place on her while I dressed her and did her personal care. The significance of what we discussed was not lost on me. She was lucid during our time together and I was able to connect with her in a different way, much more soul to soul. Knowing that her time was drawing near and that she had an arena full waiting to greet her, was a comfort. Though my heart is breaking, I know that she is now reunited with my Dad. Thank you so much for helping me through this awful time, and I will be forever grateful for your sharing your skills with me.
~Barbara P.

It has been such a pleasure working with Megan! She has a very easy, gentle, knowledgeable, and wonderfully intuitive approach to her work! Her belief and passion for what she does shine through.
My reading was energizing! It went in many different directions because that’s where my energy was flowing and Megan went right along with it.
Her readings and insight helped me look at things differently and helped me challenge myself a step further! I can’t wait until we meet up again soon! Thank you!
~Jean P.
 Megan, your Soul Connection cards are AMAZING! They’re absolutely beautiful, well made, and they indeed connect to your soul so perfectly!! Much love!
~Marta D.

Thank you so much for the fabulous reading. I have newfound insight and excitement that I was missing. Your joy and energy are contagious. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a fun yet meaningful way.

~Cheryl P.

Megan’s intuitive abilities are amazing. I have never had a reading with cards before. It was flawless. Everything was right on the mark. Even the little bit that maybe I didn’t want to hear but I definitely needed to hear! I can’t say enough amazing things about Megan and her gifts. Thank you Megan!

~Tracy P.

I had a reading yesterday, I highly recommend Megan! She’s so open and nice and easy to talk to. she made me feel like it was a safe space. she told me exactly what I knew I needed to do but can’t convince myself to do.  She’s amazing !!

~Alecea R.

I recently enjoyed a reading with Megan. I found my experience to be quite enjoyable and accurate. Very easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!

~Cathi B.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a reading and what does it involve?

All readings are scheduled via phone or Zoom video conference (due to the current health pandemic, no in-person sessions are presently taking place). When you book your session, you will be directed to my personal calendar where you can choose the type of reading preferred, and a date and time that’s most convenient for you. I’ll send you a confirmation email when your session has been booked, and I’ll remind you a few days beforehand that the date is approaching.

Intuitive and mediumship readings are 60 minutes in length. Card readings are 30 minutes in length.

Are you going to tell me “bad” things, or things I don’t want to hear?

Sometimes people might book a session hoping to hear what they want to hear, and will get messages that they aren’t prepared for. I will always deliver what I hear gently and with compassion, and I will always offer you alternative solutions! These conversations and messages are delivered from a positive perspective of love and encouragement, as that is the very nature of your soul.

Are you just going to reiterate what I already know?
All of us are intuitive; what makes our intuition different is the extent of how tuned in we are. The fact is, everyone really does know what’s best for us, but we are so often blinded by fear, and/or too much mental and emotional noise that we throw our hands up and say “I don’t know!”. These readings sift through the bullshit and give you the clarity and connection that you need quickly.
Will you follow up with me to see how things are working out, or to make sure I’m walking the path aligned with my highest self?

Many of my clients are repeat clients, and do keep in touch to share with me the confirmations and validations that occur after a reading. However, if you’re looking for accountability to ensure you’re actually taking the steps and making the changes we may have discussed during a session, you’ll get that out of my Intuitive Coaching program.

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