Soul Integration

Coaching, Programs and Mentorship

My Mission

My mission is to help others feel consistently connected to their souls, their purpose, and the oneness of eternal energy that connects us all. I consider my work to be that of a channel of love and light in serving the spirit, God and humanity,

My primary purpose in every engagement – whether a course, private coaching engagement, or mentorship program – is to integrate the soul’s essence and virtues into all levels of your human existence (the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and energetic levels).

Familiarizing yourself with the essence and virtues of the soul opens you up to healing and transformation that can transcend this lifetime.

The basics of soul essence and virtues are taught in all one-on-one programs as well as the Soul-Led Journeys.

My Approach

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Medium and Reiki Practitioner, I fuse a unique combination of energetic healing, intuition, and practical spiritual applications in all of my coaching programs.

Working together, we will identify, heal and release blockages on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels; create permanent perspective and mindset shifts; and form new beliefs and perceptions of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

My emphasis is on the release and creation, supported by the principle that the more frequently we revisit the past, the stronger our pathways to past experiences become. It is in (1) releasing the past and (2) shifting the focus to creating present and future that our greatest healing and transformation occurs.

Working Together

Intuitive Coaching Packages

Do you often get so excited to validate your gifts, your feelings, and your voice only to have it suddenly squashed by self-doubt? Because nothing seems to be going “right”?

Are you feeling blocked because you aren’t seeing results quickly enough, no matter how hard you try? Worried that too much time, effort, and money might not get you there either?

Are you tired of wishing for a better experience in your career, financial situation, or relationships, and want to actually experience the life you deserve?

If so, you are going to absolutely love the transformation that occurs with Intuitive Coaching!

I know exactly where you are, because I’ve been in your shoes. And I swear to you – whatever it is that you desire is possible, attainable, and it gets to be easy!

What Intuitive Coaching Looks Like


Intuitive Coaching is a short-term intensive partnership where we tackle, heal, and overcome a current challenge you are facing using spiritual-based techniques and practices, which results in game-changing transformation. Over the course of several weeks, we will dig deep to identify your energetic and mindset blocks, heal the past, and draft a plan for creating the reality shift you desire.

Intuitive Coaching includes private Zoom sessions, a practical plan to create the change you’re seeking, plus personal access to me for questions, discussions, and accountability via Messenger, email or text. (Psssst! The secret ingredient to intuitive coaching is the accountability feature.)

During our time together you will receive clear, practical, and hands-on steps that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine which, when consistently applied (ahem accountability) will shift your mindset and transform your reality.

Many clients will embark on Intuitive Coaching upon completion of a course or program so that they may go deeper into the teachings and integrate them into daily life. 

The Soul-Led Series

Prices Vary

I want to show you how powerful you are. You are actually quite spectacular.

All that you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve created, all that you’ve endured, all that you’ve grown through and risen above.

And yet, there’s still that little piece that’s eating at you.  It’s an internal pull, right? An insatiable longing for more. For something different. New. Bigger. More fulfilling.

That, my friend, is your soul.

It’s calling you, and if you just listen and let it lead you, your life will never be the same again.

About the Soul-Led Series


The Soul-Led Journey is a new approach to living. Where you prioritize yourself in every moment (and give up the guilt, shame, fear, and panic that arises when you do). Where you start listening to and following WHAT.FEELS.GOOD (and watch the magic that unfolds all around you when you take this approach). Where you start breaking old habits that invite & allow stress, frustration, and exhaustion, and create permanent new ones that are aligned with ease, joy, and inspiration (and yes, I show you exactly how to do it).  And where you give up the need to control everything and everyone (and see it play out better than you imagined when you made it your responsibility).

You see, when you surrender and fall into a space of self-compassion, self-understanding, self-love, and self-acceptance, you begin to align with the essence and virtues of your soul.  And when you realize that it is safe to do so, you allow the soul to come to the helm and ask it to lead the way.  In doing so you:

♦   Unlock the power you’ve always known you had & create magical experiences everyday

♦   Your days become exciting, mysterious, rich, and abundant with opportunity

♦   Your entire being vibrates with the energy of the stars and you feel it

♦   Your perspective is permanently transformed and it influences everyone around you – the butterfly effect with you at its core.


Becoming Soul Led

Bbegin with the Thirty-Day Soul-Led Journey and if you feel the pull,  evolve into the 7-Week Immersion Program. If after that you are ready to go all in, there is limited space in my Six-Month Mentorship Program. Upon completion of the mentorship program, you will have the right to share Megan’s Soul-Led knowledge and techniques in your own private practices*.

What Clients are Saying

Working with Megan has changed the way Iive. Her guidance on how to live in each moment is transformational. She is compassionate, understanding, and fun to work with. Anyone on a self-development path will benefit immensely by working with Megan. It was the best decision I made in my spiritual journey
Cathy P.

This is a game changer. If there is any thought you have about doing this journey, I wholeheartedly say take that leap of faith! It will be the BEST investment in self-care and personalized/hands-on approach you could possibly imagine. My world was chaos…I mean drama, madness, stress, pressure, tension, family discord, financial struggles, marital tension, you name it, it was constant. NOT ANYMORE! I’m experiencing joy, ease, connection, love, and I’m traveling. Paying bills with ease. I can’t give this course more praise or testimonial!! You will absolutely love it!
Jean P.

I found such a blessing in the Soul-Led course. Megan is a wonderful mentor. She teaches in a grounded, heart-centered way that is insightful and healing. I love how personal she is, and how she cares. I love her raw honesty. I highly recommend her and plan on taking more of her courses in the future.
Cindy S.


In addition to the private and in-person coaching and classes offered, the following self-guided mini-courses are available.

Cleansing the Spirit: The Mind-Body-Soul Method

Over time we acquire baggage and clutter at the mental, emotional, and physical levels, which can dampen our spirit and make it difficult to feel connected to the soul. This program is the reset you need.
This course is FREE for a limited time.

Soul Connection Spreads: Speaking With Your Soul

Coming Soon!

Gain confidence in interpreting card messages and learn the spreads I use for my own soul messages and for those of my clients.   Topics include:
  • Interpreting card messages (book messages v. intuited messages)
  • Interpreting cards “in reverse” or upside down
  • Past Present Future Spread

Exercises in Intuition

Coming Soon!

In this recorded course, explore the following topics and regain confidence in your natural intuition. You’ll receive immediate access to the Exercises in Intuition FB group for ongoing exercises to practice and strengthen your trust in yourself and your soul.
  • Intuition: What it Is & How it Communicates
  • Exercise 1: The Lemon Experiment
  • Exploring the Clairs
  • Exercise 2: Playing with the Primaries
  • Soul vs. Ego
  • Exercise 3: Facing the Noise
  • Meditation for Opening to Intuition
  • Practical Steps for Strengthening Intuition