Perspective requires a reset, which begins with a stilling of the mind. So often you become engaged in the constant mind chatter, and while much of it is a sifting, sifting, sifting of late – a sifting of purpose, a refinement of the emotions tied to the chatter (all of which serve you as you continue to better and more deeply understand the emotional and reactive parts of your being) we find that you occasionally require a change in perspective to lift and shift your vibration from its current place on the scale.

To activate such a change requires a subtle tuning of the dial. As a satellite is constantly moving and turning its antenna to find the clearest and most direct route of its source destination, so must you be open to ever moving and shifting focus to find the most clear and direct frequency of source. While you understand this to be a shift or expansion of the mindset, you have asked us for more direct, concrete examples to guide and help others in shifting their frequency.

You saw how a change in physical point of view stirred this discussion when you moved your chair. Your experience immediately expanded – your visual concepts and points of view changed instantly, and it expanded your conceptual point of view. You expanded, thereby creating space to explore the concept of perception generally.

What you truly seek is expansion. You are an energetic being. You are aware that your source is not stagnant and you feel stuck. You wonder if this is a searching for alignment, a recognition of source, a searching. We are always, always with you. However, we advise you that this slight contrast you feel – this feeling of being stuck and of wanting to feel more – is an inherent call from source to expand. Changing your perspective – first physically – will provide room and opportunities for this expansion rather quickly.

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