As you continue to focus on the positive aspects in each realm of your world (spiritual, emotional, financial, physical), you will feel an increasing sense of balance and stability. This is an alignment with your soul and source. In this state, you feel light, hopeful, and content.

How easy would it be for you to identify and acknowledge the positive aspects within each area of your life…while you are actually experiencing them? The calm consistency of your morning routine; a productive part of your workday; making lunch; a quiet moment during homeschooling; your interactions with family, friends, and colleagues; your evening routine and activities; your nighttime routine. What reminders can you create to create a pause for positivity? (Post-it notes on your mirrors? Reminders on your watch or calendar? Handwritten notes on your nightstand?)

As we focus on the advantage and silver lining in every aspect of our lives, we shift our vibration to one of reaching upward toward contentment, hope, optimism, eagerness, and joy – those emotions that result in a vibrational element more directly aligned with the soul.

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