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I have to tell you something:  I have zero education in traditional tarot cards.
I’ve had my cards read numerous times, and I own multiple oracle and tarot card decks that I use for my own personal guidance, but these cards aren’t tarot cards.
They came about when my own spiritual coach had encouraged me to hold weekly “Tarot Tuesday” readings for members of her online community. Again, having had no prior education in traditional tarot, I would ask participants to choose a number between 1 and 4, and in turn I would read their energy field and deliver the messages I received from my own higher self and spirit team.
The results and responses were remarkable. People experiencing similar circumstances were drawn to the same card (helloooo collective consciousness!) so the messages I would receive applied to that group of people universally.
And as people began to implement the gentle suggestions, shift in focus, perspective, and mindset, lives in this small group began to transform. Uncomfortable situations fell away, previously difficult choices were made easily, and the encouragement and compassion that had been missing in their lives began to appear everywhere.


There is a melancholy sense and a loneliness that has been lingering for too long. The pull toward new experiences and the call to step outside your comfort zone is a message from your very soul! Do not let fear of not having directions or a clear plan deter you. Recall how you needed no direction as a child when you wanted to seek and explore; you simply followed where you were led. There is still so much that you can experience and accomplish, provided you set down the sadness and overwhelming pile of fear and concern and direct your attention toward the positive adventures that await you.

Additional meanings: Surprising ease in difficult conversations; fresh ideas and perspectives.           

It is okay to let go and lighten up – in fact, we encourage you to do so! You have been mired down with thoughts of discouragement, disappointment and simply too much mental noise. The easiest way for you to release this cycle is to laugh and not take things so seriously. You seek freedom from these heavier thoughts and feelings and laughter releases them. Your soul is light, playful, and joyous and wants your physical self to feel this.                          

Additional meanings: Reminiscing old friends; vacation plans; feeling childlike.

Dear one, you know that a watched pot does not boil more quickly! You continue to focus so acutely on your desires that you are now becoming weighed down in the weeds of how and when this will manifest. You have done all of the work that is necessary – you have planted your desire. You are encouraged to have patience and to trust the process. Your willpower and determination have brought you this far, and you are reminded to maintain this focus and fortitude to realize the manifestation of your desires. You may feel pulled to make fast decisions; ensure that any choice you make is aligned with your goal and highest self.

Additional meanings: Focus on others to divert your attention; mental toil.

“Truly unbelievable. Amazing and so accurate that I am in complete awe of the spot on read. This is exactly what happened on Monday/Tuesday for me. This is so beautiful, I could cry! Thank you again Megan for sharing your gifts!”

Jean H.

 “I can’t even express what I’m feeling after reading this. It’s as if you reached into the depths of my mind, understood my thoughts, and said exactly what I needed to hear! It’s absolutely amazing how you knew what I needed! Wow!”

Marta D.

I’m so amazed at how accurate this is! I leave Ohio for good on Saturday and this not only validates this part of my journey, but gives me the encouragement I needed at the right time!”

Kathy W.

“I don’t know how you do it, but wow. The more I read it, the more I realize how accurate it is for me. I sat with some of the messages that didn’t resonate immediately and then – Bam! – the situation unfolded before my eyes. Amazing!”

Jamie W.

“I am amazed each week how whichever card or cards I’m drawn to really do speak to me so deeply. I try to focus on them and reread them again and again.”

Jennifer W.

“I am amazed each week how whichever card or cards I’m drawn to really do speak to me so deeply. I try to focus on them and reread them again and again.”

Dana C.