It is unnecessary to worry about what the future holds. When we accept that our thoughts create our reality (or future), we can attune our thoughts to outcomes that we desire, which are generally of a positive nature. Maintaining faith that positive outcomes are in our future allows us to put anxiety aside.
In the midst of unsettling circumstances, take a few moments to calm your spirit. Avoid being overcome by anxiety by reminding yourself that (1) you are only responsible for what you are able to control (your thoughts and actions), and (2) you are fully supported by the universe.
Even when uncomfortable situations require urgent attention, it is fruitless wasting energy if the answer is unapparent. In fact, we often do more harm than good when reacting quickly to unsettling situations. We feel that these situations are *not* the positive outcome or reality that we desired, become frustrated, and react from a point of defeat or frustration. This is not having faith! Instead, acknowledge that you control your thoughts and responses, and that patience and waiting for the universe to reveal answers is also an acceptable response.
Patience and faith allow you to have a constructive mindset that is focused on rising to the positive outcomes you expect in your future, instead of falling to the patterns of reacting in anxiety.

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