For thirty days I am offering you a safe space to let go.

To surrender.

To trust your soul and be intuitively guided.

This time is all about what happens when you give up the:

“I can’t”

“I don’t have time”

“I have to many other things to do”

And instead surrender to what’s on the other side of:

“I want to”

“I’d love to”

“If only”

This journey has authentic vibes.

Unconditional acceptance.

And nothing to heal.

But everything can change.


This journey is hosted live every season by me, Megan Kindred. When you join, you will get:

* Access to our Private Facebook Group with personal support by Megan

* 30 days of daily videos, teachings, and plenty of (optional) actionables

* Printables for easy reference

*Live sessions (recorded for those that can’t attend)

* Regular and VIP options available

*An undeniable shift in perspective and approach to your life.


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So what exactly is this journey all about?

It’s about aligning with your soul.

But not in some hypothetical, conceptual way.

I am going to guide you on bridging the gap between your soul-self and your human-self.

And it’s going to result in more trust, acceptance, love, and compassion than you’ve ever had for yourself.


Your soul is always guiding you.

With its gentle, persistent essence, it nudges and tugs, hoping that this time you’ll go beyond wonder and step into what can be.

Our souls are like guardian angels, only within us, not hovering over and around us.

The soul wants to play a very conscious and leading role in our lives.

Not to usurp our free will, not to control, but to guide.

And while our souls are all-knowing, ever expansive, and whose messages and desires for us are infinite —

they first need us to listen.

Not to the call or directive of others.

Not by the guiding principles of our society or hierarchies.

They need us to listen to our powerful selves.

And in the midst of so much internal and external noise, there is one principle that connects us quickly to the soul selves:

Asking ourselves what feels good in every moment…

and following it.

I know it sounds a little scary.

(That’s why the space I’m offering is safe, nurturing, and supportive as you surrender.)

I know it sounds different.

(Which is why I guide you through it every single day with clarity and direction.)

I know it feels uncertain.

(This is why I’m guaranteeing my work. If you don’t feel a shift after doing this for 30 days, then you lose nothing.)

I know in my own soul that you want to embody the inspirational cliches and motivational mantras that resonate with you.

And I know that you want to be the person that truly believes in her soul that anything is possible, and who experiences evidence that it is so.

Won’t you join us?

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