Do you often get so excited to validate your gifts, your feelings, and your voice only to have it suddenly squashed by self-doubt? Because nothing seems to be going “right”?

Are you feeling blocked because you aren’t seeing results quickly enough, no matter how hard you try? Worried that too much time, effort, and money might not get you there either?

Are you tired of wishing for a better experience in your career, financial situation, or relationships, and want to actually experience the life you deserve?


You are going to absolutely love the transformation that occurs with Intuitive Coaching! I know exactly where you are because I’ve been in your shoes. And I swear to you — whatever it is you desire is possible, attainable, and it gets to be easy!

Intuitive Coaching is a short-term intensive partnership where we tackle, heal, and overcome a current challenge you are facing using spiritual based techniques and practices, which results in game-changing transformation. Over the course of four consecutive weeks we will dig deep to identify your energetic and mindset blocks, heal the past, and draft a plan for creating the reality shift you desire.

This package includes two 60-minute sessions (phone or video conference), a practical plan to create the change you’re seeking, plus 4 weeks of personal access to me for questions, discussions, and accountability via FB Messenger, Voxer, and/or email.

(Psssst! The secret ingredient to intuitive coaching is this 4 weeks of accountability.) During our time together you will receive clear, practical, and hands on steps that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine which, when consistently applied (ahem accountability) will shift your mindset and transform your reality.

That’s why I get clear, succinct and assertive when providing you with practical instructions, exercises, and guidance. I break things down easily, give you practical techniques to implement, and consistently encourage you through accountability follow-ups. In today’s society of immediate gratification and fractured attention - work, kids, social media, activities – you need simple, easy, and effective applications that will deliver long-term results.

So you see more results, more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

You know that I’m busy! How much time is this going to actually take?

I know you don’t have a ton of time, but there is a level of commitment that’s required from you, and you should be prepared for a certain level of accountability. You need to be ready to do the work and commit to a minimum of 10 minutes a day (plus our two 45-minute sessions). If you’re not ready to commit to 10 minutes per day for yourself (right before bed? In the bathroom?) then this probably isn’t for you.

Why are you going to hold me accountable, and what does that actually look like?

I know you want to see results – that’s why we’re working together! I’m going to help you stay consistent in your practices so you get the results you’re looking for. You are looking to permanently shift your experience, right? Well, I hold you accountable so that when our engagement is over, you feel empowered to pursue your practices consistently and independently to maintain that shift you deserve! We will develop a plan for creating what you want, and we will track your progress to getting there over the weeks that we work together. If you’re not ready for me to follow up with you… this probably isn’t for you.

What if I need more help after 4 weeks?

You mean if you find yourself in the ebb of life, reacquainted with doubt, your stubborn old beliefs somehow surviving like cockroaches after your atomic spiritual awakening? I know what you mean. The fact is, the shifts you experience during out time together are intended to be permanent, and the techniques and exercises you receive can be consistently applied for years and years to come. If you should need a boost after our engagement, an intuitive reading is generally sufficient to get you back on track!

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