One-Month Intensive



Four weeks.

Intensive belief, release, and transformative work.


You asked and I answered!

The One Month Intensive coaching program addresses your core beliefs and provides the tools and the space for honoring and releasing those limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and lays the foundation for what is necessary to create what you truly desire.

This package includes four (4) 30-minute sessions and the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary to release, reframe, and re-create your life.

During our time together you will receive clear, practical, and hands-on steps that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine which, when consistently applied (and they will be, with the help of my accountability), will shift your mindset and transform your reality.

You will have personal access to me for questions, discussions, and accountability during our month together.

Payment plan available.

Transformation Coaching



Six weeks.

Self-reflection + Intuitive Insights

One-on-one healing, coaching, co-creation, and transformation.


My most popular coaching option, Transformation Coaching is a six-week intensive partnership where we tackle, heal, and overcome a current challenge you are facing using spiritual based techniques and practices, which results in game-changing transformation. Over the course of our engagement, we will dig deep to identify your energetic and mindset blocks, heal the past, and draft a plan for creating the reality shift you desire.

This package includes six (6) 60-minute sessions (phone or video conference) and a practical plan to create the change you’re seeking.

During our time together you will receive clear, practical, and hands-on steps that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine which, when consistently applied (and they will be, with the help of my accountability), will shift your mindset and transform your reality.

This also includes daily personal access to me for questions, discussions, and accountability via FB Messenger, Voxer, and/or email. Perfect for everything that arises in-between sessions.

*Payment plans available.*

Soul Immersion Mentorship

$7500 / $7000


For the woman who is all in.

Six months. All the things.

Intentional Living – from the soul.

Evolution and transformation on every level.

Create and embody the next level you.


The Soul Immersion Mentorship will transform your entire reality.

This package includes twenty-six 45-minute virtual coaching sessions and daily one-on-one private access via messenger, Voxer, or text message to integrate the changes in real-time and create the reality you desire.

So what exactly does it get you?

++ Physical Transformation++

*We clear your channels physically by decluttering your body and physical environments.

*Yes, we will literally declutter every room of your house from a soulful perspective and release what no longer serves you or supports the Next Level You.

*You will learn how to perceive the body from the soul and experience it with intention.

++Mental & Emotional Transformation++

*Learn how to methodically prioritize what’s important and release what’s just noise

* We will identify what’s serving you and what’s holding you back

*You’ll learn how to incorporate and experience intentional emotions

++Spiritual Transformation++

*Learn how to perceive your entire world from the essence and virtues of the soul with my Soul Integration Method

*Intentionally apply the virtues of the soul in every encounter and experience of your life – and be able to do so permanently

++Energetic Transformation++

*Define your new Next Level You boundaries

*Positively influence others and the world with your energy

*Master the art of intentional creation

A combination of spiritual techniques, including my Soul Integration and Mind-Body-Soul Methods, provide clear, practical, and hands-on tools to shift your current experiences and intentionally create your dreams.

Includes free, immediate access to all courses offered during the 6 month engagement.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, I am including the Soul-Led Facilitator package as an option to your mentorship! This means that if you love the Soul-Led series and all of the teachings and techniques taught in the program, you will be trained to use them in your own practice and to facilitate your own Soul-Led Journeys in the future. 

*Payment plans available.*


Kindred Support



Weekly Intuitive Coaching and Support

Includes One 45-Minute Zoom Session and full private access for one week via Facebook Messenger, Voxer, or text message.


So you see more results, more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

You know that I’m busy! How much time is this going to actually take?

I know you don’t have a ton of time, but there is a level of commitment that’s required from you, and you should be prepared for a certain level of accountability. You need to be ready to do the work and commit to a minimum of 10 minutes a day (plus our six 45-minute sessions). If you’re not ready to commit to 10 minutes per day for yourself (right before bed? In the bathroom?) then this probably isn’t for you.

Why are you going to hold me accountable, and what does that actually look like?

I know you want to see results – that’s why we’re working together! I’m going to help you stay consistent in your practices so you get the results you’re looking for. You are looking to permanently shift your experience, right? Well, I hold you accountable so that when our engagement is over, you feel empowered to pursue your practices consistently and independently to maintain that shift you deserve! We will develop a plan for creating what you want, and we will track your progress to getting there over the weeks that we work together. If you’re not ready for me to follow up with you… this probably isn’t for you.

What if I need more help after after we're done?

You mean if you find yourself in the ebb of life, reacquainted with doubt, your stubborn old beliefs somehow surviving like cockroaches after your atomic spiritual awakening? I know what you mean. The fact is, the shifts you experience during out time together are intended to be permanent, and the techniques and exercises you receive can be consistently applied for years and years to come. If you should need a boost after our engagement, an intuitive session is generally sufficient to get you back on track. However, most clients do extend their coaching to transform other aspects of their lives and rejoin another 6 weeks, purchase the Kindred Support weekly sessions, or opt for the 6-Month Immersion package.

What People Are Saying

“During my first reading with Megan, I instantly knew that her energy, approach, spiritual guidance, and insight were a match for everything I had been seeking.
Working with Megan I can attest to her compassion, confidence, enthusiasm, knowledge, and investment in nurturing each and every client’s soul! She is real, holds you accountable, has amazing insight and advice to gently guide you out of your comfort zone and into your own beautiful light!
The beautiful freedom that I have been granted through my experience with Megan is something that I cannot fully put into words. I am forever appreciative that our paths have crossed and I look forward to continuing my journey with her as my guide.”
~Jeanmarie P.

“I don’t know if people come back to you and say DAMN MEGAN this is life-transforming stuff, but they really should. You give such very grounded ways to do this stuff. So many courses have absolutely good information but it takes so long to get to the point or it doesn’t resonate. I realize not every course or method resonates for everyone, so I love to let people know when it has really made a difference for me!”

~Denise A.

“Megan’s philosophies and teaching styles allow you to go at the pace you need to while pushing you to dig a little deeper and get to where you really want to be! Her individual approach gives you personalized paths, yet she is just as effective with a larger group working on your soul journey!
I would recommend Megan’s courses, private coaching, readings, and Soul Connection deck to anyone who is interested in stepping into their own light and living the life their soul knows they can live!”
~ Jean H.

“I just want to thank you again. You are a true spiritual teacher. For years I have searched for someone that I truly felt connected to and YOU are the one. You are helping me to become more aware of my beliefs and patterns that are trapped. I have shifted so much in such a short period of time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


~Denise L.

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