Can you feel it?

The snow is beginning to melt, the weather is starting to change, the temperatures are flirting with warmth.

We are approaching the cusp of Spring and everything that comes with it.

Growth. Change. Newness.

Open windows and fresh perspectives.

The expanse of the outdoors.

That inner quickening of joy and lightness that comes with longer daylight and a sense of optimistic longing and opportunity.

Spring is amazing. It is one of my pre-determined times to re-evaluate all that I’ve accumulated on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, and to perceive it all through the lens of my Soul.

It’s my seasonal check-in to go deep into any baggage I’ve accumulated and to clean it up on every level.

And this year, I’d love to share something with you. I want to:

Share my in-depth spiritual spring cleaning approach with you

Coach you through the process of addressing everything you’ve accumulated to determine what’s weighing you down physically, mentally, emotionally

Guide you through the actionable steps to cleanse what needs spiritual cleansing, purge what’s weighing you down on every level (yes it’s possible and doesn’t have to be scary when done from the soul), and realign with your spirit in the process

It’s deep.

It’s quick.

It’s personal.

And it’s transformational.

It’s called Clear Channels.

Here’s what it looks like:

* My intuitive insights + spiritual techniques (including my Soul Integration and Mind-Body-Soul Methods);

* Clear, practical, and hands-on tools to cleanse and transform your Physical, Mental, and Emotional self over the course of our time together.

* Four weeks.

* Four hands-on coaching sessions via Zoom.

* Action steps customized to your specific situations, needs, and goals.

* Fresh perspectives.

* A release of what no longer serves or supports you.

Just in time for Spring.


The Physical Self

 We clear your channels by decluttering your physical environments

  • Yes, we will literally declutter every room of your house through the lens of the soul to align with its essence and virtues
  • Understand your personal patterns as to why you accumulate and hold onto things, and why it always comes back even when you purge and declutter
  • Learn how to perceive the body from the soul and experience it with intention in all environments


Mental & Emotional Self

 We methodically prioritize what’s important and release what’s just noise

  • We will identify what’s serving you and what’s holding you back by evaluating your hardships, relationships, and energy vampires
  • Understand your emotional response patterns and how to permanently create change
  • You’ll learn how to incorporate and experience intentional emotions


Investment: $888.00

As always, payment plans are available.

 This is beyond releasing what’s accumulated on your bookcases or what’s piling up in the basement and garage.

This is about living with intention from your soul,

and integrating the soul’s essence and virtues in all of your environments.

Need the four week payment plan? Email:

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