Meet Megan Kindred

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of an infinite eternity.  As a child, I would become mesmerized in a sea of fear and awe, swimming in a…knowingness…that the universe, our souls, and everything we interact with and observe are all created from the exquisitely divine source that so many of us call God, and that we are only extensions of minute particles of energy that extend forever, alongside our Heavenly Creator.  As I grew, my life was highlighted by profound moments of spirituality and a deep connection to God.

Around the age of seven, I told my mom that I would sometimes see people in my room when I was falling asleep, but that they would disappear when I sat up.  Mom told me that the best thing to do was to pray for those people, because they needed our help. When I did as I was told, the visions would stop.  These visions were inconsistent as a child, but as I grew older and began to experience the passing of relatives, I began to have very distinct visits and interactions with those who had passed, either in dreams or during times when I was in my greatest emotional need.



Through all of my years and experiences, I was unaware that my insight into other people’s personality, feelings, and thoughts, as well as the deep sense of empathy with which I related to other people’s emotions, was distinctive of my character. It would take years of challenging experiences involving depression, anxiety, introversion, heartache, loss and searching before I would listen to my own soul’s calling.  During an intense period of loss after a failed first marriage, I experienced an acute demand to connect – to what mattered; to what always fueled my fascination; to God; to a universal oneness; to my soul. Guided by these increasingly intense calls, I was led to internationally renowned Spirit Medium and Spiritual Coach, Necole Stephens, with whom I unlocked my inherent gifts of intuition, mediumship, and energy healing, and with whom I continue my mentorship today.

I view myself as a channel of love and light in serving spirit, God and humanity. My purpose and passion are to guide people of all ages to see their own soul light within, to reawaken their connection with God as our Source, assist them in identifying and living their soul’s purpose, and connecting to the eternal oneness that connects us all.

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