Intentional Living, From Your Soul


Cards, courses, readings and coaching that integrate your soul and transform your reality.

You know.  You have always known.

You are more powerful, more capable, and more infinite than that part of you that interacts with the world every day.

And although you’ve always known it, the question is…


What are you supposed to do with it?

Hi. I’m Megan Kindred.

I work with soulful men and women like you to cultivate consistent inspiration, confidence, and connection to your soul – with intuitive products, readings, and coaching that are spiritual, yet practical.

And I’ve been exactly where you are.


You see….we KNOW things. Deep things in our being. But we over-complicate life because of our fears.
Fear of taking action and being wrong.
Fear of failing.
Fear of looking ridiculous.
But once we remove the fear, what is left is the simple truth of all that you are. And it’s exactly what you’ve always known it to be:

You are a soul.

And you want to do more to integrate this truth into your reality. You want to live every day with intention, from your soul.
But you’re also being pulled in a million directions, and it’s hard to get clear on what that looks like and how to do it.
And that’s what I’m here for.

Products & Services

We can work with each other in a few ways, all of which help you connect to your soul and live from its essence.


Whether you need insight and a practical perspective on your current situation and want to know what steps to take next, or you desire to connect with your loved ones in spirit, book a reading with me.
In-person, virtual, and group sessions available.

Soul Connection Cards

When you need guidance on interpersonal relationships, overcoming heavy struggles, and regaining a sense of connection to your soul, my Soul Connection Cards are here to help guide you. This deck is especially good at unearthing what’s blocking you from becoming your most authentic self. 

Coaching & Courses

Whether you want intuitive support through a major life change, are looking for practical ways to to integrate your soul on a daily basis, or want practical guidance for the journey, then you’ll love my inuitive coaching, Soul Led Journeys, and soul integration programs.

My Mission

My mission is helping others feel consistently connected to their souls, their purpose, and the oneness of eternal energy that connects us all. I consider my work to be that of a channel of love and light in serving the spirit, God and humanity.

My primary purpose in every engagement – whether through my Soul Connection Cards, a course, private coaching engagement, or mentorship program – is to integrate the soul’s essence and virtues into all levels of your human existence (the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and energetic levels).

Familiarizing yourself with the essence and virtues of the soul opens you up to healing and transformation that can transcend this lifetime.

The basics on soul essence and virtues are taught in all one-on-one programs as well as the Soul-Led Journeys.


My Approach

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Medium and Reiki Practitioner, I fuse a unique combination of energetic healing, intuition, and practical spiritual applications in all of my offerings.

Working together, we will identify, heal and release blockages on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels; create permanent perspective and mindset shifts; and form new beliefs and perceptions of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self that are aligned with your true self – your Soul Self.

My emphasis is on the release and creation, supported by the principle that the more frequently we revisit the past, the stronger our pathways to past experiences become. It is in (1) releasing the past and (2) shifting the focus to creating present and future that our greatest healing and transformation occurs.

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With every purchase of your Soul Connection Card Deck, you can book a FREE 15-Minute card reading.

Bring a burning question and receive my  intuitive perspective on the issue.